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Sport Coaching

 UltraCoaching Trail Running

  • Specialities in long distance sports: athletics, trail running, cycling, mountain bike.
  • Partnershiping in sport goals traingin
  • Partnershiping while practicing your sport
  • Sport coaching/mentoring
  • Re/descovery of your motivation
  • Values alignment with the sport
  • Emotional tools for ultratrails

 My sport achievements

  • Finisher of 7 ultratrails more than 80k
  • Second and third place in team in several 100k ultratrail
  • Saint Jacobs Way running without assitance in 14 days (700 kilometeres)
  • Trail Camiño dos Faros 200 kilometers in 44 hours (non-stop)
  • Personal best in Marathon distance 3 hours and 21 minutes
  • All around cycling in Galicia in 10 días (1200 kilómetros)