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Life Coaching


  • Steem
  • Emotional management
  • Communication skills
  • Self-knowledge
  • Partnershiping in change processes
  • Personal/professional balance
  • Change management


What some of my clients say (translated from Spanish):

Thank you David for partnershiping in my life path and for helping me to walk through it with happiness and self-confidence. I and my "wolf" are really gratefull.

Mariano Dalmasso - Licenciado en Educación Física, Socorrista y Entrenador Personal

I got a better knowledge of my body. I have learnt to listen myself to avoid those situations that make me feel bad. I managing to learn to say NO. It is a positive process and profitable to any person and all along our lifetime we should repeat this processes to reconnect with ourselves.

I feel more connected with myselv. I have taken the control of the situations I did not know how to manage and I love myself more. David, of course I would repeat another coaching process with you. I think that not far in time we will meet each other, because I think is really necessary this process from time to tome to keep improving. The moment that I liked the most is the process to see the problemas, sensations, emotions, etc. from different perspectives and keep the emotion that is more healthy for me and assuming the obstacle. On the other hand, your metaphores have been really usefull for some situations.

Teresa Navazo - Trabajadora Social en Imagina MÁS