Choose the context where you want to move forward

Team Coaching

I work with tecnology specilized teams to reach their highest productivity. Coaching and facilitation in teams are the tools to discover the limitations, take responsability and define an action plan to get the best solution.

Team coaching is oriented to improve productivity, empower human relationships, clarify the way of thinking, strategic planning and learn comunication skills necessary to solve the problems in the board.

Life Coaching

We will travel together to improve steem, balance between family and work, learn comunication skills, emotional management through selfknowledge. Thanks to taking responsability an action plan will be designed focused on getting your goals. You will count on all my support through all the process so you do not travel alone to your destination.

Sport Coaching

Do you have a sport goal? Sportmen and sportwomen are extraordinary beings with amazing habilities as they are resistance, overcoming, resilience and mental strength. Keeping my partnership near enough regarding to mental training, you will take your abilities to the highest level.

No matter how big your goal is, no matter how far you dream to go, together we will get your goal.