Abuelo, ¿por qué tengo tantas preguntas?

IMPORTANT: Although this description has been translated to English, the book is only available in Spanish. Not yet planned to be translated to English. Write me an email if you are really interested in it in English to abuelo@davidroncero.es. If I have enough requests I will translate it.
Granpa, why do I have so many questions? is what Irene is continuously asking herself. She is the main character of this story, a girl in her first years of life discovering her and all the people around her in a emotional way. The grandpa, with the wisdom that brings the past of the time, guide the innocence of the little girl through reflexion and socratic method to reach clarity.
Irene and her parents move to the city where the grandpa lives. She spend much time with him in day to day life because her parents work. There can not be huge conflicts in the life of a little girl that is no older than 10, but there are a lot of doubts that many of us have passed in our lifes.
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